Comprehensive Impact Statement

The East West Link Comprehensive Impact Statement (CIS) has been prepared and was on display for public comment from 31 October to 12 December 2013.

The CIS provides detailed information drawn from the extensive environmental, social and technical assessments completed in 2013.

What is a Comprehensive Impact Statement?

A CIS is a process to assess the anticipated impacts of the project and examine options for avoiding, managing and mitigating any negative impacts. The CIS aims to provide the Minister for Planning with the necessary information to determine whether the project should be approved under the Major Transport Projects Facilitation Act 2009.

It describes the Reference Project for the East West Link and presents the findings of the specialist impact assessments in accordance with Section 39 of the Act and the Scoping Directions issued by the Minister for Planning. It also identifies performance requirements and obligations that would be placed on the contractors delivering the project.

Download CIS documents

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Supporting documents
Summary Report
Main Volume
Technical Appendices